Our acknowledged expertise in the design and construction of tailor-made modular containers has made Stonehaven Engineering the first choice for a whole range of clients.

These containers are designed in close co-operation with both our clients and component suppliers, working as a team to meet the highest specifications across a very wide number of applications in both hazardous and safe areas.

These highly versatile, easily deployable and varied size containers can be fitted out for the widest possible spectrum of uses across the globe. Typical applications include:

  • Control Rooms

    Communications Module

    Communications Module

  • Laboratories
  • Operations Centres
  • Surveillance Shelters
  • Medical Units
  • Showers and Toilets (Ablutions)
  • Stores
  • Refrigeration Units, chill and freeze
  • Ambient Units
  • Laundries
  • Locker Rooms
  • Sleeping Accommodation
  • Battery Charging Facilities
  • Plant Rooms
  • Safe Shelters
  • Radar and Communications Offices
  • Command Posts
  • Recreation and Mess Rooms
  • Workshops

These are just some examples – it is not an exhaustive list.

For petrochem/oil & gas and mining industries we provide modular units with capability of use in Zone 1/2 Hazardous Areas incorporating purge/pressurisation and fire & gas detection systems where required.

We are constantly called in to design and build containers and other assemblies for deployment for different uses and our design team are always on hand to face fresh challenges – and always find the right solution.

Container envelopes can take the form of standard ISO units, in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft & 40ft lengths, fully certified and CSC plated for worldwide shipping or built to any bespoke size requirement and certified accordingly eg. to DNV Spec. No 2.7-1.  We work closely with certifying authorities, including: Lloyds, DNV, ABS & BV, to ensure each module carries the appropriate approvals.