Generator sets are now becoming increasingly popular in our Containerised units. Varying from portable Generators to much larger industrial Generators, they can be used as back-up power or can be run 24/7 to power equipment within the Container. We can offer the following features in our sets;

  • Open Sets (Without Enclosure)

    Custom 60kVA Generator

  • Canopied Sets (Soundproofed Enclosure)
  • Containerised Sets (Enclosed within Steel ISO Containers)
  • Diesel, LPG or Hybrid powered
  • Single or Three Phase, 50 or 60Hz Alternators
  • Custom Fuel Tanks for Increased Fuel Capacity
  • Auto-start on Mains Failure Back-up
  • Automatic Mains Transfer Changeover Panels
  • Residential Exhaust Silencer
  • Emergency Stop linked to Container User Rooms
  • External Fuel Transfer Pumps (Including automatic transfer to Generator’s own tank)
  • Fuel Transfer Hose Assemblies with Quick Release Connectors
  • Various sensors

    12kVA Generator

  • 12Vdc Trickle Battery Chargers (230V Mains Operated)
  • Coolant Heaters
  • Oil Sump Heaters
  • Various Paint Colours
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Military Generators
  • Factory Fitted Control Panel or Deep Sea Electronics Control Panel Conversions
  • Various Output Sockets & MCB’s
  • Hook-up Cable Assemblies
  • Service Kits

50kVA Generator