Wiring Block Diagram

Wiring Block Diagram

Our design team use the latest CAD software at the design stage to ensure that every product will meet its individual requirements. It’s a completely flexible service which can tackle projects ranging from rapid deployment shelters for desert conditions to converting a surplus fuel tanker into a mobile police command post.

The designs will take into account a very wide range of factors governing the unit’s potential use.

Containers can be designed for transport by sea, land or air, with the option of fixed, mobile or re-locatable usage. Versatility is built into many of our product designs so that the same unit in some instances can be re-located from high temperature environments like the Middle East to the Falkland Islands with no modification.

Designs also take into account available local power sources to ensure that once the unit is set up on location, it can interface with the defined power source immediately. Alternatively units can be supplied with on-board autonomous power generation.

In a dynamic, rapidly changing industry, our innovatory approach makes it possible for us to respond to changes swiftly. Whether it is new technology driving a particular aspect or a demand for specific transportability, SEL are ready to adapt and innovate.